Return journey

For the organisation of the journey, Fedasil works with the IOM (International Organization for Migration) which takes charge of booking flights and accompanying the migrant to the departure point, at any stopovers and at the end destination.

The voluntary return programme is designed for migrants of all origins. The return journey is generally by plane. However, for countries within Europe which do not require a visa, returns are organised by bus (for example Balkan countries, with the exception of Kosovo and Albania).

Facilitating the return

Everything is done to remove any obstacles which migrants may encounter between their decision to return and their actual return:

  • The IOM is in charge of booking the journeys: airline or bus tickets to the end destination;
  • The return advisors keep the migrants informed;
  • If necessary, migrants in difficulty may be entitled to temporary emergency reception;
  • The IOM ensures that travel documents are refunded;
  • The IOM also refunds any transport costs for travel to the airport or station (up to €50 per person);
  • Reception and assistance are also provided at departure and arrival, as well as transport for people unable to travel alone.

The programme also includes a return allowance of 250 EUR per adult (125 EUR for a person under 18 years) which is handed over on departure. This allowance is granted solely to people from countries which require a visa: therefore, EU member countries and Balkan countries, including Kosovo, do not enter into this category.

Practical aspects

Migrants have to present themselves at the departure point in advance: three hours before departure at Brussels airport for flights and half an hour in advance at Brussels-Nord railway station for journeys by bus. In order to be able to recognise the migrant, he is asked to carry the IOM plastic bag.

IOM Plastic bag