Fedasil is seeking partners to develop, diversify and professionalise the Belgian resettlement programme. The Agency is launching a flexible and agile basic partnership model and invites different actors to become partners.

This model offers many possibilities and can lead to a unique collaboration: an innovative city collaborates with an experimented PCSW (Public Centre for Social Welfare), a young non-profit organisation works hand in hand with a committed commune, a passionate NGO engages — with a multidisciplinary team — in the project...


The partners which enter — in collaboration with others or not — into a partnership with Fedasil, pursue the same goal: a sustainable integration of the resettled persons in the neighbourhood, which they can now call their new home. During a year, the partners provide reception and accompaniment to a resettled person or family.

In order to organise the reception and accompaniment during a year in the context of this new collaboration, a fixed amount of 3,000€ is allocated per resettled person. Fedasil also provides an additional 600€ per person if the partner offers reception and accompaniment an extra year.

And that's not all: if a resettled person is received directly after their arrival in Belgium, that is to say without a previous temporary stay in the reception network of the Agency, Fedasil offers the partner an extra financial intervention of 2,000€ for the head of the household as well as an additional 500€ per family member.



For each partner with whom Fedasil signs a cooperation agreement, three main goals apply: on the one hand, organise (1) a sustainable stay and (2) a tailored accompaniment for the resettled persons, and on the other and (3) an operational collaboration with Fedasil and other potential partners.

  1. A sustainable stay – The partners seek — before the arrival of the resettled persons in Belgium or after a temporary stay in the reception network of Fedasil — a suitable accommodation available at least a year. The resettled persons will be entitled to an integration income, among others to pay the rental charges. Before the end of the accompaniment period, the partners also help to find a new accommodation.
  2. Accompaniment – The partners support the resettled persons during a year for all the important — but often quite complicated — steps to take after the arrival in Belgium: register at the PCSW, open a bank account, enrol the children in a local school...
  3. Operational cooperation — Not only with Fedasil, but also with other potential partners involved: give regular feedback, exchange correct information at key moments in the integration path, take part in meetings...


Throughout the accompaniment path, your organisation can always count on the support of Fedasil. For each new partnership, the Agency appoints a contact person within the resettlement team who partners can always turn to if they have any questions, doubts or other problems. Lastly, the Agency also makes time for evaluation moments.