Voluntary return

The voluntary return programme

Migrants can decide at any time to return to their country of origin. They can do so via the voluntary return programme.

The voluntary return programme is designed for all migrants, whether they are applicants for international protection, applicants who have been turned down or migrants without a residence permit. The return journey is organised from Belgium to the country of origin and includes transport costs and assistance for a smooth journey, all ensured in complete peace of mind and discretion.

Also, based on the migrant’s situation, the programme includes a return grant and reintegration support into the home country. This support can be used to develop a micro business, rent or renovate a home, pay back medical costs, etc.

In order to inform and assist migrants, Fedasil has desks in Brussel, Ghent, Antwerp, Liège and Charleroi. Alongside this, partner organisations (social services, NGOs, municipalities, migrant organisations, etc.) are also qualified to inform migrants about voluntary return and support them in their decision. For applicants for international protection, social workers and return counsellors are present at the reception centres.

Website voluntary return

To inform migrants and partner organisations, Fedasil has a website for voluntary return. Among other things, the site offers information in 17 languages, stories of returnees as well as various publications. To order our publications (brochures, posters) or for more information, please use our contact form

Migrants who require further information about voluntary return can call the toll-free number: 0800 327 45, contact their social worker or one of the many contact points in Belgium.