Critical capacity in the reception network

Reception Fedasil
Fedasil urgently needs additional places to house asylum seekers.

Fedasil does not have enough reception places. The vast majority of centres for asylum seekers in Belgium have reached or exceeded full capacity. This situation is due to an increase in asylum applications in Belgium and to an increase in the duration of asylum procedures.

Urgent need for places

For more than a year, admissions into reception structures (IN) have outnumbered departures (OUT). Every month, hundreds of new places are needed to ensure accommodation for all people entitled to reception. Belgium provides material assistance (i.e. reception) to persons seeking asylum in Belgium, and not financial assistance.

The Fedasil network currently has more than 25,000 places (compared to 21,000 at the start of the year).

In order to rapidly have new reception places at its disposal, Fedasil has taken various new measures:

  • Opening of new centres
  • Installation of extra beds in existing centres
  • Temporary installation of tents within reception centre sites
  • Installation of containers (prefabricated housing) from this December onwards

At the same time, Fedasil is constantly looking for new sites that can be used to house asylum seekers, often on a temporary basis.