Mission and Vision

The mission and vision of Fedasil are written down in the Management Plan 2012-2018 by Director-General Jean-Pierre Luxen.

Our mission

Fedasil is responsible for the reception of asylum seekers and other target groups and guarantees high-quality reception and conformity within the various reception structures. Fedasil coordinates the various voluntary return programmes.

Our vision

Fedasil guarantees equal services and integrated counselling attuned to the specific characteristics of the various target groups. The protection of personal integrity and the provision of a realistic image of the future are important points of attention in this regard.

Fedasil strives to attain the requisite flexibility and decisiveness in order to be able to fully assume our responsibility. Some important success factors in this regard are: involvement in the preliminary phases and aftercare, a responsible organization that puts result-oriented and efficient management at all levels first and foremost, combined with the necessary transparency and regular follow-up.

Fedasil wants to make an important contribution to the definition, the correct image, social acceptance and implementation of a just migration policy.

To this end, Fedasil wishes to observe Belgium's international commitments, such as the conventions and treaties concerning human rights and European directives with regard to reception and asylum.